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Why do spots return?

Shaw Product Care
 Have you ever had a large spot in your carpet that looks terrible?  The carpet is cleaned and the large spot disappears and the carpet looks great!  It may take one day or one week, the spot returns and your first thought is “it must be my carpet”.  The truth is, your carpet it fine.  There are two reasons a spot in the carpet will return after it has been cleaned, wicking and detergent residue left in the carpet.  If the spot returns in a day or two, this indicates the contaminate was not removed.  As the carpet dries, the contaminate is pulled back to the surface.  If the spot returns in a week or so, detergent residue was left in the carpet from a previous cleaning attempt.   The residue slowly attract soil from foot traffic. 
To prevent contaminate from wicking to the surface of the carpet causing a spot, you must work 3-4 inches outside of the visible spot to remove all of the contaminate.  Always rinse with water and extract the remaining contaminate.  To prevent detergent residue from attracting soil, all of the detergent must be removed from the carpet by rinsing with water and blotting the area of the carpet being spot cleaned.