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Prevention is Key

Shaw Product Care
Why does a person have the oil changed and tires rotated on their vehicle?  You are trying to prevent damage to your engine and to keep your tires from wearing too soon.  Just like maintenance on a vehicle, maintaining your carpet will make it last longer.  In your cleaning and maintenance system, preventing soil from entering the building is the key to maintaining your carpet investment.  How do you prevent soil from entering your environment?  The easiest way is to use walk off matting at the entrances of the building and where hard surface meets carpet.  Testing has shown that 12-15 feet of matting will remove 90% of the soil from the bottom of shoes.  One thing to remember, you also have to maintain the walk off matting or it can become the source of the soiling issues on your carpet.  You may have to vacuum entrance areas twice a day in order to keep it from becoming an issue.  Also, keep extra mats on hand for inclement weather.  Portable mats can easily be changed.