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Hot Water Extraction-The Preferred Deep Clean

Shaw Product Care
There are three things to consider when choosing the correct carpet cleaning system:
  1. It must clean effectively
  2. It must not damage the texture of the carpet
  3. It must not leave excessive residues of cleaning material.
These three criteria apply to commercial carpet or residential carpet.  Shaw Industries’ recommendations are based on significant laboratory work and many years of experience in the field.  Shaw recommends the hot water extraction system, which research indicates provides the best capability for cleaning.  This system is often referred to as “steam cleaning” although no steam is actually generated.  The process for commercial carpet consists of pre-spraying a cleaning solution onto the carpet pile, agitating the cleaning solution with a dual, counter-rotating brush machine, and using an extractor to recover the cleaning solution and the soil.  This can be performed by a truck mounted unit where only the hose and the cleaning wand are brought inside the facility.  When a truck mounted extraction cannot reach the desired cleaning area, a portable extractor can be used to clean the carpet. 
Deep cleaning is performed at pre-determined frequencies.  Do not forget the 3 steps required prior to deep cleaning:  1) Vacuuming- the most important step in the cleaning system, 2) Spot Cleaning- spots and stains should be addressed immediately, and 3) Interim Cleaning- known as encapsulation using a dual, counter-rotating brush machine. 
For residential carpet, all of the steps are the same with the exception of using the dual, counter rotating brush machine.  Pre-spray cleaner should be agitated using a carpet rake.  Preferably, a truck mounted hot water extraction should be used to deep clean residential carpet.  If using a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) machine, pre-spray the carpet cleaning solution and extract with water only in the machine.  This will eliminate the possibility of leaving cleaning residue in the carpet, which causes rapid re-soiling.