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Whether you are a homeowner, architect, or facility manager, making the right flooring decisions starts with having the facts. Our purpose is to provide science-based information about all of your flooring needs - from health benefits to improved air quality to care and cleaning. While every flooring product has unique and attractive attributes, no surface is safe from an everyday mishap.

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How can I locate a certified professional cleaner?
Certified professionals can be found by visiting ICRA, is a nonprofit organization of cleaning, Restoration and Inspection firms. It is comprised of 6 trade associations, including CRA, MCRA, MSPCA, PACR, and SCRT.
During the extraction process, is it better to pre-spray the cleaning solution or use the solution in the tank of the extractor?
Pre-spraying the carpet is recommended over using in-tank solutions. By pre-spraying, agitating the cleaning solution into the fiber, then rinsing with plain hot water there is less chance of leaving behind cleaning residues that will attract soil.
I have some of the Caress soft carpet. What vacuums do you recommend for this carpet?
The list of recommended vacuums can be found by visiting the following web-site.
I have a commercial carpet, how can I extend the time between deep cleaning hot-water extractions?
The encapsulation process can be used as an interim “appearance improvement” method to lengthen time between deep cleaning extractions. In this process you would thoroughly pre-vacuum, then pre-spray the encapsulation cleaner, then agitate with a counter-rotating brush machine. After the encapsulate dries, usually in 20-30 minutes you can vacuum away the remaining “encapsulated” soil particles. This method is not intended to replace hot water extraction and it is recommended that you extract after every 3-4 encapsulations.
Are there after-market soil protections that can be applied and how often should they be applied?
Soil protection is applied during the manufacturing process. This protection will dissipate with foot-traffics and cleanings but will take some time. It is not necessary to add after-market treatments for some time, however once these treatments are applied they too will dissipate after cleanings and will need to be re-applied periodically. We recommend Dupont formulations of after-treatment.


Why do spots return?

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Cleaning Resilient or LVT Flooring

Cleaning resilient or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) follows many of the same steps as cleaning carpet.  Shaw Industries recommends a 4 step plan to clean resilient flooring in a commercial setting.  The 4 steps are Prevention, Daily Cleaning, Spots and Spills, and Deep Cleaning.